Sunday morning worship is weekly at 10.15am. Worship is informal. Songs range from traditional hymns to the more contemporary Getty and Townsend. We have a very mixed congregation aged from 2 to 92 with members of the congregation from Europe, Africa and Asia. Music is provided by either a piano, organ or brass band. A range of occupations are represented including doctors, teachers, civil servants, students, manual workers etc. etc.. Some worshipers wear a Salvation Army uniform. Many do not. You do not have to wear uniform or join up. Why not give us a look?

Sunday evening follows this pattern at 5.30pm

 1st Sunday of the month

 prayer and praise

 2nd Sunday of the month

 Bible study

 3rd Sunday of the month

 No meeting

 4th Sunday of the month

 No meeting

 5th Sunday of the month

 varying activities